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As career services professionals, we build a bridge between studies and employment.

CSNCH Employer Forum

Close collaboration between universities and employers is an important factor contributing to a successful career start for students and university graduates. 

The Employer Forum, organised by the CSNCH, offers a unique opportunity to network with approximately 150 Career Services and Campus Marketing & Recruiting professionals from Switzerland. 

The CSNCH Employer Forum is an invitation only event. We, the Swiss Career Services, invite our corporate partners. If you are interested in participation, get in touch with your Career Services contacts.   

Editions so far

In 2018 and 2019 the employer forum took place onsite at the University of Berne (see pictures and video below). In 2021 the employer radar step in due to Corona restrictions. So we are very excited to have finally in 2023 a next CSNCH Employer Forum at the ETH in Zurich.

Next Employer Forum: 23rd August 2023 in Zurich

«The Future of Skills – The Skills of the Future»


13.00h  Registration and reception with coffee

13.30h Welcome of the Dean of the ETH, Prof. Dr. Günther Dissertori

13.45h Keynote Speech Inner Development Goals by Erik Fernhol

14.15h BarCamp on the conference’s topic

17.45h Summary and Closing

18.00h Apéro riche at the Rest. Bellavista

19.00h End of the Event

This year's topic

The hot topic of this year’s edition of the CSNCH Employer Forum are the future skills of university graduates. Which competences will be needed in the future and how can career services contribute in this area to student’s future employability. 

 At the Employer Forum, we - universities and employers together - want to ask questions and find answers by using the experience and skills of all participants. For this reason we will use the interactive conference method called BarCamp.

 What is a BarCamp?

"BarCamps are like conferences, but turned upside down".

At a normal conference, the topics are predetermined, someone presents up front, and the participants sit there and listen.

At BarCamps, the focus is on the participants and their topics. It is an interactive conference method in which the organisers set a thematic framework and the participants themselves introduce those issues and concerns that interest them most in relation to the thematic framework. In small groups, you can then discuss issues and theses that you have contributed, put forward ideas for discussion, exchange ideas with other contacts on the topics.

The format provides space to...

  • exchange about common issues and go where you can learn or contribute.
  • find common solutions.
  • get involved.

Benefit from the cumulative knowledge of the community and participate.

We are happy that we have been able to win Michael Hasler, a very experienced expert who, among other things, co-organizes the well-known HR Barcamp (, for the organization of this Barcamp. 

You want to participate?

Ask your Career Service Contact about an invitation.

Where will the magic happen?

The 2023 Employer Forum will be held at the ETH Zurich on the ETH Campus (Hönggerberg).

ETH Hönggerberg
Siemens Auditorium
Wolfgang Pauli-Strasse 27

8092 Zürich

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