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Review: 1st CSNCH Employer Forum in Bern, August 2018


More than 110 professionals from Career Services and Swiss Employers met at university of Bern to exchange ideas and to work out proposals how to improve collaboration between universities and employers. 

The unanimous conclusion drawn from the 1st CSNCH Employer Forum: Close collaboration between universities and employers is an important factor contributing to a successful career start for students and university graduates. The Forum findings will be further elaborated within project groups with a view to being implemented in joint initiatives. 

Impressions of a great event

Video 1. CSNCH Employer Forum

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Statements from participants:

"Excellent event that brought together like-minded professionals from academia and business. Great opportunity to find common grounds for further cooperation and explore new challenges together."

"Perfect opportunity to build and strengthen the key relation between the universities and the employer."

"The only place where the Swiss labour market meets the Swiss universities"